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Nutraceutical Tablet Supplement Manufacturing

While cost is a matter, the tablet has remained the preferred dosage form for consumers, to serve such a class of the consumers, we are here with a superior quality range of the nutraceutical tablet supplements, available at the most economical rate in the local as well as global market. We are in the tablet manufacturing domain since a decade, hence hold expertise in the tablet making. We can make any shape, size, color and coating tablet as per precise dosage requirement in the bulk. Our tablets attribute excellent physical and chemical stability, uniform coating, longer shelf life, appealing look & superior efficacy. They also taste pleasant and easy to ingest that makes it widely popular among the consumers.

We posses FDA and cGMP tablet manufacturing facility and laboratories having greater manufacturing capacity and efficiency, enabling us to produce large volume at lower cost. From sourcing the raw material for the product launch, we perform stringent quality checks in order to ensure its quality in terms of identity, potency, uniformity and customer requirements.

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We austerely take care about the correct mixing of the ingredients and hardness that helps maintain the shapes and size of the supplement tablet during the packing and transporting as well as proffer excellent shelf life. In the short span of the business, we have formulated hundreds of nutraceutical supplement tablets to meet the consumer demand, and continue to formulate new and add into the portfolio. Our list of supplement tablet covers sports supplement, clinical supplement, energy supplement, protein supplement as well as vitamin supplement in the different forms of the tablet.

What we offer?

Custom Nutraceutical Tablet Supplement Manufacturing:

We as a manufacturer welcome custom tablet supplement manufacturing order too, wherein we formulate the tablet as per your requirement in terms of shape, size, color and coating. We have the huge manufacturing capacity to meet your orders in the required time. We can formulate any tablet supplement as per your requirement in any quantity at the best price in the market. You can select any available option from below mentioned list for the custom tablet supplement manufacturing. From selecting the raw material to the final dispatch, we do not compromise on one thing and that is quality and therefore we have been able to excel in the market.

Dextrose With Vitamin C, Zinc ,Lactobacillus Powder

Size: Shape: Types of tablets: Pharmaceutical grade glaze:

5 inch

Round Compressed tablets Natural & Artificial

7 inch


Sugar-coated Tablets Color Additives

9 inch


Film-Coated Tablets


10 inch


Effervescent Tablets

Chewable Tablets

13 inch


Enteric-coated Tablets



Chewable Tablets

Flavoring Agents



Buccal and Sublingual Tablets





Customers are welcome to order the tablet supplement from our broad range of the tablet supplements in any quantity, the comprehensive range of the same is mentioned below for your reference.

We also provide private labeling and contract manufacturing service for the tablet supplements at the rock bottom prices in India and other countries of Africa, Middle East as well as Europe.