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Immune boosting powder/supplement

People have become more conscious about immunity in the last few years and increasing at rocket speed day by day. They have started to consume healthy food and follow a healthy lifestyle that helps to improve the immunity, along with immune booster supplements have become their daily need. Owing the popularity of the immune boosting supplement, we have come with the absolutely delicious and nutritional range of the immune boosting powder that supercharges your immunity and give an unmatched strength to fight against various viral, bacterial and other diseases. We as a manufacturer of the immune boost supplement has covered all the major plant extracts, vitamins and mineral those plays fundamental role in improving the immunity.

After repetitive trials, we have come up with the ultimate range of the immune boosting powder having a faster nutrition absorption. The offered immunity booster powder stringently meets quality standards and has been approved by the WHO and FDA for its superior quality and consistency.

manufacturer of immun boosting supplement

Our powder is available in different size of packing as per your requirement with the desired color and labeling. This immune booster supplement is available in ready to ship condition, however, if you are looking for customized flavor, we can provide it within the decided timeline at the best price. Our immune booster powder is available in India as well as foreign countries, including middle east, Africa and Europe. 

Custom manufacturing, contract manufacturing, third party manufacturing as well as private label manufacturing of this immune booster powder is available in India as well as foreign countries at the best price in the market.

Immune Enhancing Supplements

Sr. No Ingredient(s) Quantity
1 Each 100 gm Contains 0
2 Protein skim milk 22.95 GM
3 L-Arginine 5.1 GM
4 Vitamin A 2732.78 IU
5 Vitamin D3 109.34 IU
6 Vitamin E 24.6 IU
7 Zinc Sulphate 12 mg
8 Choline 109.34 mg
9 Vitamin C 32.78 mg
10 Vitamin B3 8.2 mg
11 Vitamin B5 2.74 mg mg
12 Vitamin B1 0.82 mg
13 Vitamin B2 0.7 mg
14 Vitamin B6 0.61 mg
15 Folic Acid 163.93 mcg
16 Biotin 83.11 mcg
17 Vitamin k2-7 (Menaquinone) 27.38 mcg
18 Potassium 573.77 mg
19 Chromium Chloride 545.9 mg
20 Sodium Iodine 409.83 mg
21 Calcium Citrate Malate 327.86 mg
22 Phosphorous 327.86 mg
23 Magnesium 109.34 mg
24 Iron 4.92 mg
25 Zinc Sulphate 4.92 mg
26 Manganese 0.82 mg
27 Copper 0.66 mg
28 Molybdenum 81.96 mcg
29 Chromium Sulphate 40.98 mcg
30 Selenium 40.98 mcg
31 Potassium Iodide 40.98 mcg