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High Protein Formula with 43% Protein

High Intact Protein Powder

There are number of patients suffering from critical illness, for those balanced nutrition supply is one of the best therapies, however, sometimes miscalculation and diversity in patient body leads to malnutrition, to prevent such a condition, we are here with the superior range of the high protein formula powder supplement that is specifically formulated for the patients suffering from the critical illness. The offered high protein formula contains almost 43% protein, which is also renowned as high intact protein formula in the market. The high amount of protein gives instant energy to the patient without increasing the calories, hence is best suited for the overweight patients too.

This high intact protein formula is made as per the international quality regulations and strongly meets WHO and FDA quality standards. Our powder is complete, balanced and high protein formula that successfully provides required protein intake for  the critically ill patient and high amount of energy, hence is excelling in the local as well as global market as an effective protein supplement.

Pharmaceutical Exporters in Middle East Countries

This high intact protein powders are available in the varied flavors and size of packing, whereas desire flavor also is available upon order. Our product is highly demanded in India, Middle East, Africa and European countries for its best results and price.

Custom manufacturing, contract manufacturing, third party manufacturing as well as private label manufacturing of this dextrose powder is available in India as well as foreign countries at the best price in the market.

High Protein Formula with 43% Protein

Sr. No Ingredient(s) Quantity
1 Each 100 gm Contain(NO USE) 0
2 Vitamin A 2000 IU
3 Vitamin D3 168 IU
4 Vitamin E 20 IU
5 Choline 200 mg
6 Vitamin C 100 mg
7 Vitamin B3 33.3 mg
8 Vitamin B5 10 mg
9 Vitamin B6 3.3 mg
10 Vitamin B2 3 mg
11 Vitamin B1 2 mg
12 Folic Acid 200 mcg
13 Vitamin k2-7 (Menaquinone) 100 mcg
14 Biotin 75 mcg
15 Vitamin B12 3.3 mcg
16 Potassium Chloride 800 mg
17 Calcium Citrate Malate 500 mg
18 Phosphorous 500 mg
19 Choline chloride no use 462.31 mg
20 Magnesium 120 mg
21 Iron 15 mg
22 Manganese 15 mg
23 Zinc Sulphate 4.5 mg
24 Copper 2 mg
25 Iodine 500 mcg
26 Selenium 80 mcg
27 Chromium Sulphate 30 mcg