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Nutrition for Diabetes Powder

It is bothersome to keep track everyday on the blood glucose levels and maintain the levels for the diabetics, for those we are here with the best nutritional supplements that will help you manage a blood glucose level effectively and prevent diabetes complications. We are manufacturer of the nutrition supplement powder are here with the outperforming range of the diabetes nutrition powder that is ingeniously designed formulation to help the diabetic patient regulate their blood sugar and give healthy life. The consumption of this powder along with the healthy diet can give you better results!!

It is a zero lactose powder, made entirely from natural food, making is ideal for all diabetic patients. It comprises of high quality protein, complex carbs, fiber, B complex, antioxidants and other principal supplements whose consumption considered as a healthy diet for the diabetic patients.

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The regular consumption of this nutrition powder promises to regulate glucose level, develop healthy muscles, keep heart and digestive system health, keep energetic and boost immunity. Our nutrition powder for diabetes certified by WHO and FDA for its quality, which is available in assorted flavor and packing as per your choice. One can get our diabetes nutrition powder in India, Africa, Middle East and Europe countries at the best prices.

Custom manufacturing, contract manufacturing, third party manufacturing as well as private label manufacturing of this nutrition powder for diabetes is available in India as well as foreign countries at the best price in the market.

Nutrition for Diabetes Powder

Sr. No Ingredient(s) Quantity
1 Each 100 gm Contains 0
2 Vitamin A 742.5 IU
3 Vitamin D3 150 IU
4 Vitamin E 63 IU
5 Inositol 200 mg
6 Choline 138 mg
7 Vitamin C 60 mg
8 Vitamin B3 8 mg
9 Vitamin B5 2.5 mg
10 Vitamin B6 0.85 mg
11 Vitamin B2 0.65 mg
12 Vitamin B1 0.6 mg
13 Folic Acid 100 mcg
14 Biotin 100 mcg
15 Vitamin k2-7 (Menaquinone) 30 mcg
16 Vitamin B12 2.4 mcg
17 Potassium Chloride 475.9 mg
18 Calcium Citrate Malate 398.9 mg
19 Sodium Chloride 336 mg
20 CHOLINE CHLORIDE no use 262.1 mg
21 Phosphorous 246.1 mg
22 Magnesium 136.8 mg
23 Iron 4.5 mg
24 Zinc Sulphate 3.3 mg
25 Manganese 0.9 mg
26 Copper 0.4 mg
27 Chromium Sulphate 200 mcg
28 Iodine 37 mcg
29 Molybdenum 20 mcg
30 L-Carnitine 50 mg
31 L-theanine 38.5 mg