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Diva Health Care is a global manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the Nutraceutical supplements, Instigated its journey ten years back with a vision to provide the best quality nutraceutical supplements for their health and wellness. The company is established in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India and posses India's one of the largest manufacturing facilities, laboratories and packing lines. Started from the scratch, today the company has established a strong niche in India as well as several countries of Africa, Middle East and Europe. We are envisaging to enlarge the market in other countries and make them reach a high quality nutraceutical supplements to thoroughly fulfill their nutritional needs and bestow good health.

To make sure a good quality of the supplements reaches of the world, we become open to the custom manufacturing, contact manufacturing/third party manufacturing as well as private label manufacturing services. Today, we hold a great number of local as well as global orders, that is a result of our integrity, transparency and diligence towards the quality of the product. Today we serve many small scale organizations with big wig organizations with the same attitude and ethics, and that makes us most trusted partner for nutraceutical supplements need.

Our Team

The synergy of the team plays a pivotal role in the success of the organization, and that is true for our organizations too. We hold a huge team of qualified formulators, scientist, flavor chemist, process engineers, quality assurance specialist, project managers, technicians, logistic, having elongated experience in the respected domain, enabling us to bring out innovative and cost effective nutraceutical formulations as per market need. With the close collaboration of each team member, we are able to meet your high standards as well as project deadlines and deliver each order on time.

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Quality is key to the outstanding results of the product, and therefore it is paramount for us. By maintaining the best possible quality, we can achieve our vision as well as earn the trust of our consumers, and therefore we make no compromise when it comes to the quality. We have quality controlled cGMP facility for the manufacturing as per quality standards as well as in house laboratories to perform frequent quality tests at every stage of the production. We enforce FDA and WHO compliant product manufacturing and that we take all the required measures.  With our adherence to the quality and strong determination, we have established strong market value in India as well as the Middle East, Africa and European countries.

What makes our facility cGMP Compliant:
  • Frequent assessment of all the in house facilities
  • Quality assessment of raw material as well as end product
  • Assessment of the sanitization process and Maintaining a high level of hygiene
  • Frequently arranging training and qualification programs
  • Frequent assessment of the internal SOP