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Balanced Nutrition For Renal Care Powder

The patient suffering from the chronic kidney diseases advised for the oral supplements as the body is unable to produce all the required vitamins, once your kidney is not functioning properly.  We are manufacturers of such balanced nutrition essential for patients suffering from chronic kidney disease. We have incorporated all the essential water soluble vitamins in the offered renal care powder, which the body with chronic kidney disease is cannot produce. Our balanced nutrition for renal care powder covers all types of vitamin B, folic acid, vitamin C, biotin, zinc, and other essential minerals.

The offered powder comprehensibly fulfills the deficiency of the water soluble vitamins and helps maintain the proper functioning of the varied organ of the body. The powder is international quality standard compliant, effective and available at the rock bottom prices in the market.

Export Ayurvedic Medicines from India

Easily water soluble and quick absorbent characteristic of the powder help patient get all the required nutrition without any effort. Different flavor and packing is available as per the requirement as well as tailored flavor is also available upon request. We supply and export our nutritional supplement renal care powder in India, Middle East, Africa as well as European countries.

Custom manufacturing, contract manufacturing, third party manufacturing as well as private label manufacturing of this balance nutrition for renal care powder is available in India as well as foreign countries at the best price in the market.

Balanced Nutrition For Renal Care Powder

Sr. No Ingredient(s) Quantity
1 Each 100 gm Contain(NO USE) 0
2 Vitamin A 660 IU
3 Vitamin D3 60 IU
4 Vitamin E 6.75 IU
5 Choline 75 mg
6 Vitamin C 12 mg
7 Vitamin B3 4.5 mg
8 Vitamin B5 2.27 mg
9 Vitamin B2 0.5 mg
10 Vitamin B1 0.45 mg
11 Vitamin B6 0.45 mg
12 Folic Acid 90 mcg
13 Biotin 69 mcg
14 Vitamin k2-7 (Menaquinone) 16 mcg
15 Vitamin B12 1.36 mcg
16 Calcium Citrate Malate 250 mg
17 Phosphorous 191 mg
18 Potassium Chloride 136.5 mg
19 CHOLINE CHLORIDE no use 130.6 mg
20 Sodium Chloride 112.5 mg
21 Magnesium 45 mg
22 Iron 4.25 mg
23 Zinc Sulphate 3.55 mg
24 Manganese 1.15 mg
25 Copper 0.45 mg
26 Iodine 35 mcg
27 Chromium Chloride 27.5 mcg
28 Molybdenum 18 mcg
29 Selenium 15 mcg
30 L-Carnitine 61.5 mg
31 L-theanine 35 mg